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Intentional Interaction

Back to school Monday!!  Here’s something to think about regarding intentional interaction. My youngest son Jack is a Senior in High School this year, so it was my last “first” day of school with my boys.  Crazy!  If you have younger kids, enjoy them, love them, listen to them and always encourage them.  They will bring you more joy than you can possibly imagine if you do.  I dedicate this thought to Jack.

Jack has watched me “intentionally interact” with literally hundreds of people over the years.  What do I mean by that?  It simply means, I say Hello and have conversations with a lot of people I don’t know.   Whether it’s someone at the grocery story or our favorite Port O’ Subs,  I will purposefully engage with anyone.  Now at first,  like most kids, it made him uncomfortable.

Dad, do you have to talk to everyone?

I told Jack that one day he would see the method to my madness.  I also shared with him that I was  100% confident I’ve changed the course of several days and perhaps even lives by taking just a few minutes to either say “hello” or “how’s it going?”.

He started considering the possibilities of what I meant by Intentional Interaction

This weekend he fully realized why I engage like I do…..with a “purpose.” What he realized was not what he had originally thought.  He thought the reason why I interact with everyone was because I wanted better service, he’s partly right.  Duh……be nice and people will treat you better!   This Saturday however, he heard the counter kids tell his Dad, “thanks for helping us Mr. D”, when we got in the car he figured it out!  He realized that I was getting a lot of joy out of all these random meets and conversations I’ve been experiencing all these years.  And he’s 100% correct my friends!

I engage in intentional interaction because it makes me happier!  I draw strength from others, that’s one of the main reasons why I do it. In our business, we have to “intentionally interact” with our clients, colleagues, and prospects.  Most customers aren’t telepathic my friends,  so go make a friendly voice today and watch what happens. Happy Senior Year, Jack!

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