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Planting The Seed of Courage: Part 3

(continued from Seed of Courage: Part 2)

The Love Doctor, Leo Buscaglia, continued: “I turned around and began walking towards the girl,” he said. “And I’ll be honest with you, at that moment, in my mind, I was paralyzed with fear. As I slowly but surely began catching up with her, a million more thoughts erupted in my head. After all, this was New York. And in New York, when a complete stranger goes out of his way to turn around and come up to you, there’s probably nothing good that comes along with it. Would she think I was a psycho? Would she think I was some kind of stalker? None of my thoughts mattered. I was scared, terrified, even. But I kept on walking towards her regardless. Because I didn’t want to let another beautiful girl walk in and out of my life again.”

I kept on walking towards her regardless

He smiled as if it were happening on the school stage

The doctor smiled to himself. He seemed to be remembering it just as if it were happening at that exact moment on the school stage. “And that’s exactly what I did tell her,” he continued. “I told her that I thought she was beautiful. At first, I couldn’t believe I had said anything at all. And then, I awaited anxiously and nervously for what she would say to a complete stranger that had just told her she was beautiful. To my great shock, her reaction was unlike anything I could have ever expected.

She seemed to instantly know how much bravery and guts it took for me to turn around and talk to a girl such as herself. And you know what? Thank God I turned around and said something that day twenty five years ago in central park. Because I look back on the last twenty five years of my marriage with that same girl I met at the park, and wonder what would have happened if I kept walking. Everything changed for me that day when I decided I wouldn’t be scared. Everything.”

The seed of courage was planted

To say that a lot of things happened for me that day as The Love Doctor had concluded sharing his story would be a complete understatement. Mind you, these changes didn’t necessarily take place overnight. Yet, I cannot deny that a seed was planted in me the day I chose to listen to Leo Buscaglia speak at my school. A seed of courage. And over time, I began living my life much like the way that I felt the doctor had personally instructed me to do so. I decided not to let fear hold me back any longer.

Engage in “Repeated Acts of Courage”

Did I still get scared in situations like the one he expressed? Of course I did! The nervous sweat and racing heartbeat was still there the next time I saw a beautiful girl. Just as you might feel each and every day before walking into a cold call. The difference, however, was that I stopped letting the fear itself stop me. When you do something that scares you anyways, it’s what I like to call a “repeated act of courage.” And the more “repeated acts of courage” you conquer, the braver you will inevitably grow. I am ever grateful to The Love Doctor, Leo Buscaglia, for sharing this with me so many years ago. For more information on The Love Doctor click here

The more “repeated acts of courage” you conquer, the braver you will inevitably grow

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