Do you have what it takes to be an Ultimate Salesperson?

What personality type are you?

I’ve always been pretty good at reading people and their respective personality type, but I took it to the next level when I started studying different types of personality profiling systems available. Here's something to think about: The DiSC Profile DISC is a personality type profile system.  It was developed to help people understand that there [...]

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Do these four things and you’ll be happier!

Four things you can do right now to improve your life These Agreements came to my attention about fifteen years ago.  They were written by Mexican author Don Miguel Ruiz in 1997.  Ruiz works focused on Toltec spirituality, and I’ve concluded after studying these Agreements for over ten years, that the Toltec [...]

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Failure Recovery | Sales Tip: You Will Fail

Human beings fail.  There is no arguing that point and there are no exceptions….we all fail daily! For some, admitting to a mistake is not an option. They would rather lie or blame others and take no responsibility. We’ve all seen it and we’ve all done it. We all fail daily: It’s what [...]

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Little Differences Lead to BIG Income Changes

If you're in sales, no doubt you've thought about ways to increase your income. I recently received a few messages regarding what I mean specifically about “little adjustments” and I’d like you to consider something. Here’s an example of what I mean using a 5 day week: Increase Your Income: Little Differences Lead [...]

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Sales Tip: Be Sincerely Nice & Polite

Have you ever wondered how to sell without being pushy? There are two very important things that all of us can do, each and every day, to make our work and personal life more enjoyable and productive: BE SINCERELY NICE TO YOUR CO-WORKERS AND CLIENTS AND BE POLITE!! If [...]

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Why Do I Write Sales Tips?

Through my experiences I’ve learned that every great organization is a great sales organization! I’ve been selling for three decades. I worked for two multi-billion dollar corporations (both Fortune 300) for over two decades. EVERY GREAT ORGANIZATION IS A GREAT SALES ORGANIZATION! You Can Be More Amazing I want us all [...]

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