Do you have what it takes to be an Ultimate Salesperson?

Do these four things and you’ll be happier!

Four things you can do right now to improve your life These Agreements came to my attention about fifteen years ago.  They were written by Mexican author Don Miguel Ruiz in 1997.  Ruiz works focused on Toltec spirituality, and I’ve concluded after studying these Agreements for over ten years, that the Toltec [...]

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Planting The Seed of Courage: Part 1

Every human being, regardless of age, has had a moment at some point or another that changed them, that helped define them. For me, that particular moment arrived sooner than I imagined - I was 19 years old, young, immature and at the time, hopelessly shy. Yet something incredible happened that day that changed everything [...]

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Why Do I Write Sales Tips?

Through my experiences I’ve learned that every great organization is a great sales organization! I’ve been selling for three decades. I worked for two multi-billion dollar corporations (both Fortune 300) for over two decades. EVERY GREAT ORGANIZATION IS A GREAT SALES ORGANIZATION! You Can Be More Amazing I want us all [...]

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