Do you have what it takes to be an Ultimate Salesperson?

What kind of person are you?

What kind of person are you? First of all, read this Tip carefully, and then read it again. It will change your life in ways you can’t imagine if you are willing to make the effort!  A couple of days ago I shared with some colleagues that selling is a process.  And, when I started selling in 1978 (I was 16 then) the traditional sales process people used most often looked like this:

Prospect > Qualify > Present > Overcome Objections > Close > Follow up  (BORING!!)

Recently there was another great book published called “Go Givers Sell More” by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  It was given to me by my long time customer and friend.  He read the book and he told me very nicely, “it reminded me of you Pete”.  What a thoughtful gift, I said to myself.  In the book the authors conclude that there is a much better way to earn business, cement relationships, and have more fun doing it!  The approach they describe in the book came from interviewing successful long time sales people such as myself.

Here is the sales process they concluded works better:

Create Value > Touch People’s Lives & Hearts > Build Networks > Be Real > Stay Open & Honest

(also, this is the way I’ve ALWAYS sold)

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, this “giving” strategy is the way to go!!  Shifting your focus from “getting to giving” is a much better way to live life and conduct business.  Living with generosity creates a momentum that raises everyone’s sails, not just yours, EVERYONE’S! Furthermore, when your customers know you are genuinely interested, you are now positioned to be an Ultimate Salesperson, but even more so, a better person.  “Go Givers are constantly spreading goodwill wherever they go.  They enrich, enhance, and add value to peoples’ lives.  They make people happier.

Now ask yourself this question and be honest:  WHAT KIND OF PERSON ARE YOU?

In conclusion, take it from me, a 54 year old man who has been intentionally interacting with people since 1978: BE A GIVER!

And finally, here’s something I say to my customers and to myself often:

Your success is predicated on the decisions you make!” ~ Peter Dunlap

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